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Vince Van Patten has been an actor since he was nine years old.

the son of actor Dick Van Patten (eight is enough), he also was a top professional tennis player for over a decade and ranked in the top 25 in the world with wins over John McEnroe, among others.

He's also a writer and producer of numerous projects, And just-released the feature film

7 Days to Vegas,“ which is based on his true story about his poker game where he bet $1 million that he could walk from LA to Las Vegas in seven days.

He’s also been the host and commentator of the World Poker Tour
for 18 seasons running.

He’s been a part-time professional poker player
for over 30 years and created The highest cash game in
Hollywood which he ran and played in for over 15 years.

Vince is married to actress Eileen Davidson

(Young and Restless, Beverly Hills Housewives).
They have three children and live in Malibu.


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