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Why I Love a Home Game

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

As many of you may know, or not, I prefer a good old-fashioned CASH GAME, instead of tournament play.

I learned cash games when I was young (age 14) and that’s all I did. In fact, I didn’t really play a casino tournament until 1990 at the Bicycle Casino where I made the final table at the George Hardy Invitational which later became the WPT Legends of Poker event which continues today!

Nine players made the final table back then, and I did get knocked out ninth, unfortunately, but it was a true thrill!

I went on to play every year at the World Series of Poker Main Event throughout the 90s and enjoyed some moderate success and excitement

in those tournaments. But I was really there at Binion’s for the incredible cash games which were legendary and I got to play with the best: old man Johnny Moss and Stuey Ungar, and Amarillo Slim, among others. That was historic for me!

However I always knew my strength in poker, and my love, was the cash games in a casino, or backroom, instead of tournaments. I’d like to share some of the reasons why.

In a cash game, I like to buy in for what I want to. I could buy-in for a low stack, a medium stack, or a huge stack. That is an amazing advantage!

Another strength is if I feel like the game is soft, or if somebody is on tilt, I’m going to reload (add more money), which gives me a bigger advantage at this table, also huge!

Also, I can play at any time I want to. I can choose a 10 AM game/5 PM game/or if the game is going at 9 pm, I can jump in then! It’s my choice!

In addition, in a cash game at a casino, I can leave whenever I want. If I get a bad beat or take a big win, I could get up from the table with no questions asked! This is great for your control if you’re a controlling player, which a winner is.

However, I would not recommend this in a home game! It is rude and completely wrong and you will never be invited back if you do that, so your longevity in poker will be compromised, at least in home games!

Then there’s a food advantage.

In cash games, especially at home games, there is food sitting out on the tables waiting to be eaten! Usually good food and all kinds of various drinks! You don’t have to wait for a waitress to come by just get up and enjoy it! I like that.

Also, in a cash game at casinos, you can move seats whenever you want to! When somebody leaves and you desire that seat, just claim it and take it! It sucks when your seat change busts you and you go home broke but so be it.

Another thought: Cash games at home usually have flexibility! If you’re stuck and put in some proper whining, the host will probably play a few extra rounds, this could be good, maybe – unlike the rigid schedule of tournaments.

Also in a cash game at home, you get to know all the players and how they play. If and when they tilt, when they make their moves, a big advantage for the better player who’s paying attention!

And lastly, in a home game, you can usually borrow money from your winning friends or delay your debt perhaps for a few weeks so the payment is much more flexible and that could be nice if that’s what you want to do!

All in all, home games and cash games are where it’s at for me!

Till next time play loose and bluff on the river!

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